Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dollish Polish: Mythical Creatures

Argh, all week I've been meaning to post these amazing polishes from Dollish Polish. I thought I'd put the pics I needed into a draft blog post so all I had to do was add some ramblings... but no apparently I lack the skill to save pictures to a draft. Lol.

In all honesty every time I've gone in to the draft to edit it and get it ready for posting I've wondered where are my pictures? It's taken me til Saturday to realise it wasn't my computer playing up... I just never loaded the pics in the first place!

So a few days later than I intended....

Here's Dollish Polish the Mythical Creatures collection.

Three coats of Dragon's Breath

One coat of Pegasus Wings over a polish I've forgotten...opps.

Two coats of Mermaid Scales over OPI Fly

Two coats of Pixie Dust over a black creme.

In other exciting news the new Dolly Does Polish polishes I ordered arrived yesterday. Yay. The names have been cracking me up. I can't wait to get them swatched... lets hope for some sunshine today.

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