Saturday, March 31, 2012

RBL: Catherine H

I was supposed to post this yesterday... but after a night out running the games at the school disco...I really didn't want to get out of bed. There's just something about attempting to control a larger group of children high on sugar that drains you.

Then I got sick. I was doing the roll for my class on Friday morning and all of a sudden I felt like I was going to throw up. I sent them out to run round the field and got myself a glass of water. I felt generally lousy all yesterday and it's developed into a head cold. I love the end of term... sarcasm may have been present in that statement. 4 more days of school until the holidays though.

Anyway here is my last RBL polish to show you all, Catherine H. Catherine H is my favourite polish from the Tudor Housewives. I love a good blue...even better if its a Wedgewood blue. Hours of Antiques Roadshow has taught me all about the awesomeness of a good Wedgewood.

Catherine H
And now I think I'll go back to bed a die quietly. Darn head cold.


  1. Oh I hope that you are feeling better!! :( Sorry to hear about your being sick. :( (I think nausea is one of the worst feelings ever!).

    Stunning nails!

  2. Very pretty color! Sorry you aren't feeling well, hope you are better soon! My daughter teaches kindergarten and she suddenly got sick the first day of school this year and lost her cookies in the trash can....those kids will never forget her!!!!

  3. Feel better soon! Being sick is always bad ):
    The nail polish is so pretty thought!!(:

  4. Thanks so much for the awesome 'get better vibes'. They worked because I'm feeling much better today...and less dramatic!