Sunday, March 25, 2012

OPI: Holland

So far this year I have only seen one collection that I have 'needed' and 'couldn't live without'.

The OPI Holland collection. I'd give away my magnetix for this collection. As soon as I saw the promo pictures I fell in love. I knew that I had to have at least 6 of the gorgeous polishes in this collection...I just didn't know exactly which 6 I needed...So I comprimised and bought the set of 12. Thank God for the internet! If I had to buy these in NZ that would have been a lot of money. $26.90 for OPI is ridiculous.

***Rumour alert*** I hear that The Warehouse is going to be stocking OPI for a much cheaper price tag...The rumour I've hear was around $15. I have no idea whether that will be core polishes, random rejects that were found at the bottom of a polish pit or new collections...***Rumour alert***

Anyway back on track... I got my OPI Holland polishes...and to be honest I'm not parting with any of them. I'm keeping all 12 of them.

I Have a Herring Problem

Comparison: I Don't Give a Rotterdam and I Have a Herring Problem

I Don't Give a Rotterdam!

Pedal Faster Suzi!


Wooden Shoe Like to Know

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
Did You 'ear About Van Gogh?

Thanks a Windmillion

Kiss Me on My Tulips

Red Lights Ahead...Where?

A Roll in the Hague

Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?
Ok so the colours aren't all terribly unique... but the collection looks so amazing together. I'm in love with I Don't Give a Rotterdam! and Pedal Faster Suzi! If I had to pick just two to keep, they'd be my picks. Luckily I don't have to pick just I'm keeping them all!


  1. So pretty! I'm glad that you were able to get them all for a reasonable price.

    I really wanted Thanks a Windmillion, but the store I went to ran out.

  2. I still need to pick up a couple of these. I thought I could live without them, but no. No I can't. :)

  3. great swatches! I need Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? :)

  4. I agree with you. This is one great collection and quite a few shades are on my shopping list!