Monday, March 19, 2012

Color Club Magnetic Force

I've been having bad luck with my nails lately. At least the nails on my swatching hand anyway!
Broke my pinky... broke my ring finger... I'm still trying to pretend my ring finger isn't broken. I've been taping it. It's broken half way across though, so I doubt I'll be able to pretend much longer.

It's a shame, I have so many awesome polishes to swatch. I'll have to take some haul pics of everything I can't swatch. Luckily I have a stash of photos I haven't posted yet, so I still have enough to keep my blog running.

One of the awesome collections I have but can't swatch at the moment is the Color Club Magnetic Force collection. I have to show everyone these polishes. If you're anything like me, you saw the promo pics and thought boring! The colours looked blah and rather ugly. I ordered 5 of them anyway. I just didn't order the grey/black. To be honest I'm so glad I ordered them...they are stunning. Especially the green Sci-Fi which just looked ugly to me in the promo pics.

Thumb to pinky: Magnetic Force, Electro-Midnight, Hipnotic, Sci-Fi and Cop an Attitude.
Magnetic Force, Cop an Attitude, Hipntic, Electro-Midnight and Sci-Fi.

Sci-Fi, Electro-Midnight, Hipnotic, Cop an Attitude and Magnetic Force.
You can't see but Sci-Fi has an amazing gold glittery shimmer in it. I'm honestly impressed with these polishes. They are so much prettier than I expected and really easy to use. I just wish I could get decent swatches of them! Argh. Bet by the time my nails grow out the sun will be gone.


  1. Love these, I've got a grey magnetic polish I actually used today and it's really pretty!

  2. such a lovely pink, all are pretty !

  3. oh, these are cute! :)i like these shades

  4. I hate when all the nails start breaking off at one time. I hope they grow back quickly!!

    And I really like these! Once I find someone selling both the magnet and the polishes for a reasonable price, I'm going to get a few.