Saturday, March 3, 2012


At some point last year Missha polishes were getting a lot of hype in Nail Polish Land.

I found a couple I thought looked awesome on ebay and decided to try them out.

I love the bottles. They are the cutest things ever. They are in the shape of an abstract heart and absolutely adorable. The polish has a very pretty rose scent to it, which I think is awesome. It's such a girly cute polish.

I bought a black with holo glittters and the green duo chrome. In all honesty I can't remember the names of these polishes...they subscribe to the name our polish with numbers school of thought... I'm useless with numbers! There is no way I'm remembering that.

Missha Black with holo glitter
The black disappointed me. It looks amazing in the bottle and after one coat was basically opaque... but the opaqueness ruins the holo. I hoped for a better version of BYS Down the Rabbit Hole, unfortunately it wasn't. I'm not going to be parting with this polish but it didn't live up to my expectations for it.

Missha Duo Chrome Green
This is the gorgeous duo chrome green that got all the hype. Yes it's a very pretty polish and I think it looks stunning on... But the brushes on these polishes are humongous and I found it very difficult to get this polish to look neat and tidy and not full of brush strokes. I think I managed in the end... but a smaller brush would have suited my nails much better!

Both polishes are very pretty and I will be keeping them...maybe it's just for the insanely cute bottles...

I won't be buying anymore Missha polishes, but I'm happy to add these 2 to my collection.

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