Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RBL: Catherine

When I first became obssessed with polish RBL was just too darn expensive and I thought I could live with out the Tudor Housewives. I thought I didn't need Catherine... and then just like that they were gone. Sold out. I didn't have the choice of not buying them...I just couldn't buy them. All of a sudden I developed a need to have those Tudor Housewives in my life.

I soon realised if you want a RBL polish it's best to suck it up and buy it. When they sell out, they sell out. I bought my first RBL polishes when I saw swatches of Piu Mosso and knew I needed it in my life.

I was lucky enough to get Catherine, Anne and Catherine H when they were brought back.

So with out further rambling here's Catherine!

Catherine is a stunning red based dusky purple with the most amazing shimmer. The tiny little specks of pink and blue shimmer really make Catherine stand out.

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  1. This is quite beautiful!! :D I'm so glad you were able to get these!