Saturday, March 10, 2012

OPI: Coral Reef

Argh! I've been such a bad blogger lately. My lame excuse is that I've been busy sorting photos. I seem to have accumulated somewhere near a billion swatch pics and have been endeavouring to sort them.

I've also been working hard at losing a little weight. Ideally I'm keen to lose 30 pounds. I've been using the elliptical and trying to 30 Day Shred everyday. So far this week I've achieved that 4 out of 5 days. Not too bad. I've been trying to eat healthy and been logging my daily food and exercise at

Today I have an OPI beauty to show you. The good thing about sorting through my photos is that I've found some amazing polishes that slipped through the gaps and never made it on to my blog. Coral Reef is one of them.

Coral Reef is a gorgeous coral holographic polish. It made its appearance back in the 2003 Summer for Shore collection. I currently have Blue Moon Lagoon, Crim-Sun and Coral Reef from that awesome collection of holo's. Mmmmm....holo goodness!

OPI Coral Reef
Look at that delicious holo in the bottle. I realise my pics don't capture a lot of the holo on the nail, my camera freaked out a tad. Coral Reef was on the thin side and this was 3 coats.

I love a good coral polish, especially one with some holo!


  1. This polish is remarkably beautiful. I love coral...and a holo to boot? Fabulous.

  2. Stunning! Just stunning!!! I vaguely remember seeing that collection too when I was just getting into OPI and DIDN'T BUY ANYTHING! Crazy or what?!?

  3. This is so pretty! I was lucky enough to stumble across a salon that still had blue Mood Lagoon and What's Dune in November. I wish I found more of these, particularly Sand-erella.