Monday, March 26, 2012

RBL: Scrangie

I'm so excited about the RBL Fan Collection. I pre-ordered the three I wanted the most on Saturday morning. I warned nick I was goign to spend $100 on only three bottles of polish. He mumbled something and rolled back to sleep. I took that as a 'yes honey do what you want'. when he woke up he wasn't so happy with me...but I'll get three gorgeous bottles of polish eventually to fill tat void right? Or I'll let him buy some more Lego...

Anyway I have three gorgeous bottles of RBL that I haven't shown on my blog yet. Scrangie, Catherine and Catherine H. I was lucking enough to get them when they were brought back. Thank you polish god!

Lets start with Scrangie.

RBL Scrangie
OMG. Do I need to say anything? I was underwhelmed by the photos I had seen of Scrangie and didn't understand the hype...until Scrangie arrived at my door steep and I played with it in the sun.

Photo's don't capture all the amazing tealy/turquoise shimmer that Scrangie has to offer.


  1. omgggggg this looks so beautiful on you. i want it but i can't drop the money on it!!

    1. I know what you mean... It's crazy expensive and then shipping is the same price as a whole other bottle of polish. What can I say i'm an addict and I needed my fix though...

  2. I got this with my pre-order! I got two from the fan collection and this. I can't wait to wear it this summer. It looks gorgeous on your nails.

  3. Scrangie was the one I wasn't sure would look good...but in all honesty I love my bottle of Scrangie and think it looks amazing on. definitely one of my go to always appropriately awesome colours :)