Friday, March 23, 2012

China Glaze: Magnetix

I am in love with magnetic polishes.

I'm lazy. I like to paint my nails and be done with it. no fluffing about stamping or adding dots and stripes for me. So when the powers of polish come out with awesome quick ways to make my nails stand out....I jump on that bandwagon. I love shatter and I love magnetics.

One of the first mainstream companies to do magnetic polishes was China Glaze and in all honesty I swatched these polishes quite awhile a go.

Pull Me Close
Instant Chemistry
Cling On
You Move Me
Drawn to You
Sorry my pictures don't show all the magnets equally....I love the diagonal stripes. They look so clean and uniform. The chevron just never seems to work the way i want it to and the star is awesome, but I just don't love it like I do the stripes!

I'd have to say my favourite polish is Pull Me Close and my least favourite was Attraction. I thought I'd love Attraction but it's just too dark for me. I'm just not a black polish girl. I had two surprises in the collection. I just didn't expect to love Instant Chemistry or Cling On. Cling on was the first of the magnetics I wore. I layered over Essie Armed and Ready and fell in love. I really am loving the olive tones that are popular now.

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