Saturday, February 25, 2012

Glitter Gal: Holo Spam

Today has been sunny!

Although it's summer here right now sunshine has been pretty rare. the odd day we've had sunshine the weathers done a 180 and started raining! Yeah some days our weather can be crazy.

I've had a few holos waiting to get swatched, so I was able to get that done today (and half the OPI Holland collection). OMG i love the Holland collection.

Anyway here's some awesome Glitter Gal polishes. Enjoy the holo sparkles!

Light As A Feather

Marine Blue

Lizard Belly
Glitter Gal polishes are insane. Amazing quality and pretty holo sparkles.

I swatched 10 to Midnight today...and yes it's just as insanely gorgeous! Hopefully those pics will make their way on to here in the next few weeks.

I'm still working on setting up some scheduled posts to try and keep on top of blogging and work at the moment. Darn that start of the year testing taking so much time to mark!


  1. I have one Glitter Gal polish, and I love it SO MUCH. I'm actually wearing it right now... I put it on for Mardi Gras (it's purple!), and it's still wearing like a champ! So glad I finally figured out how to actually get holos not to chip off of me immediately!

  2. oh i hope i can afford to get light as a feather while it is still available