Saturday, September 4, 2010


No I'm not just excited that my darling is working nights and I wont see him all weekend...actually thats not a happy thought at all! I am excited because finally everything is going right.

On Tuesday I was out of class, still feeling very despondent, yet starting to get back some detirmination. I was finding it hard to concentrate on my planning, so decided to search houses.

I found one that had just been listed, was under our budget, had 3 bedrooms and was in a nice area.
Soon as I got home I showed mum, who was very kind and rang up the agent for me while I made dinner.
We went to see the house Wednesday with Nicks dad and loved it.
Thursday we got the agent to drop off the papers so we could make an offer and arranged to go back with a friend of the family, who is a builder and dad on the Friday.

When we arrived we were suprised to see other people there, four other groups were seeing it at the same time. There was so much interest in the property. The agents told us that the offer they had said would be coming in, came in that afternoon. So it was going to be multiple offers. My heart sank. We've had bad experiences with multiple offers. We went home and got our offer sorted and handed it in.

The house went on the market Monday, we saw it Wednesday and by Friday there were three offers.

It was a very nerve racking hour and a half while we waited for news...
and finally the phone rang and we were told congratulations.

So we bought our very first house!

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