Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OPI Loot

I've been looking for the perfect shade of pink polish. It's not easy, because I don't know exactly what shade I think is perfect for me! Awhile ago I ordered some new OPI's including Aphrodites Pink Nightie in hope it would be the perfect pink.

They arrived today. I ordered Aphrodites Pink Nightie, Greece Blue Me Away, I'm a Princess You're Not and My Daddys the King.

I'm a princess, you're not, My daddys the king, Aphrodites pink nightie and Greece blue me away
My Daddys the King: A pearly peach. A very soft pretty shade to wear. It's a bit gloopy, but nothing I cant live with.
My Daddys the King
I'm a Princess, you're not: a pretty pearl shimmer. This shines different colours in the light. It's a fabulous polish to use over other polishes to mix them up or to hide some mistakes.
I'm a Princess, You're Not
Greece Blue me away: A very pretty shmmery blue. I found it to be a very soft polish. I only wore it the night, because next morning I had fabric marks in my nails from my sheets. I didnt go to bed with wet nails, they were dry.
Greece Blue Me Away
 Aphrodites pink nightie: I'm not sure if this is the pink I'm looking for, but it's very pretty. It reminds me of roses.
Aphrodites Pink Nightie

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