Sunday, September 5, 2010

Delicious shades of OPI

Yes I have a problem. I am addicted to shopping online. It gives me a little high when i click buy, and another when I hear the courier knock at the door.
It's like Christmas when they all arrive at once.
I ordered more OPI's last night. I did it before we knew if we'd won our house.
I wanted a pick me up just in case.
It arrived before 8am this morning.

Flower to Flower, Wing It!, Meet Me On the Star Ferry and Yes, I Can, Can.
I can't wait to wera Flower to Flower! I'm not sure about Wing It! the colours just so odd. Meet me on the star ferry looks gorgeous, though I'm not sure I'll be wearing it over Spring! Maybe I should have stuck to seasonal colours. Yes I can, can is so rich and gorgeous I want to put it on my toes straight away!

Flower to Flower

Meet me on the Star Ferry

Yes I can, Can

Wing It

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