Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chapel of Love...

Just because I like the name! I actually did order more than just chapel of Love.
You can't just buy one polish!

I'm inclined to say that I just received some of the nicest colours I've ever seen. They are quickly becoming some of my favourites.

I ordered Chapel of Love, Kinky in Helsinki, Senorita Rosalita and Thanks so Muchness.
The only one I'm not crazy in love with is Thanks so Muchness.

Chapel of Love, Senorita Rosalita, Kinky in Helsinki and Thanks so Muchness (in terrible lighting)
Chapel of love is fantastic, yes it applies a tad sheerly and I needed 3 coats but still had some visible nail line. It a coraly pink with the tiniest shimmer that just looks so summery and pretty on. It's gorgeous. I'm in love.
Chapel of Love

I'm in love with Senorita Rosalita as well. I was so disappointed when I put it on inside in a dark shady room. It looked so dull and dark. Then I walked outside. It was amazing. The light picked up the gold shimmer and it danced. The colour was perfect not dull and drab. I thought in the shadey dark room it made my hands look dead. But then I realised with a little light it came alive. Even with the light on inside it dances.

Senorita Rosalita
And my other new love, Kinky in Helsinki. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Dark pink magenta with a blue flash. Its so vibrant and lively. Awesome colour for summer. I promptly applied Kinky in Helsinki to my toes.

Kinky in Helsinki
And lastly Thanks so Muchness. This is the only one I didnt fall in love with. That doesnt mean I'm not in like with it, just not love. The colour was very similar to Affair in Red Square and I found it difficult to tell them apart when swatched. Well I would have if it hadnt been for the pink flecks in Thanks so Muchness. But then I wasnt really thrilled with them, it seemed to make it apply not quite as well. I don't know, I tried appling it and botched it completly and I'm blaming the polish at the moment!

Thanks so Muchness
And for comparison...

Affair in Red square

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