Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lush Lacquer: Zomg Holy Moly Spam

I'm not going to ramble on tonight... Instead I'm just going to let everyone drool over these gorgeous polish from Lush Lacquer!

Birthday Cake (3 coats)

Slime Time (1 coat over CG Gaga for Green)

Spring Fling (1 coat over CG Dance Baby)

Sea Breeze (1 coat over a teal I can't remember!)

Bubble Yummy (1 coat over CG Grape Pop)

Bubble Yummy (2 coats)

Tutti Frutti (2 coats)

Chubby Checker (1 coat over aEngland Iseult)

Cheetahlicious (1 coat over Cult Power Thief)

Party Rockin' (1 coat over Sinful Colours Grecian Sun)

Mr Bubble (1 coat over Color Club Factory Girl)

Pinky Swear (1 coat over OPI La Paz-itively Hot)

Snap Crackle Pop (1 coat over Sinful Colors Grecian Sun)

Once Upon a Time (1 coat over Color Club Foil Me Once)

Pink Panther (1 coat over OPI Pink Friday)

Summer Lovin' (3 coats)

Flipin' Out (1 coat over CG Sweet Hook)

Unfortunately I left my camera in my classroom so pictures of Salt 'n' Peppa and Midnight Affair will have to come later. I just couldn't wait any longer to post this spam-a-riffic post though!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

China Glaze: Hunger Games

  My holidays are over. It's back to school tomorrow and then a week later it's parent teacher interviews. I'm in full stress/panic mood. I've spent most of the last week staring at a computer screen trying to get y head around electronic portfolios for my class. Transferring everything from paper to computer has not been fun.

It doesn't help that tomorrow morning Nick has a hospital appointment so I'll be with him first thing, instead of my class... then rushing back to my class... then doing duty...

At least there's nail polish to distract me.

Today I have the China Glaze Capitol Colors Collection to show you all. Well I have ten colours from the collection, I decided to pass on Mahogany Magic and Hook and Line.
I actually did get the collection when Hunger Games was in the cinemas. I actually wore Riveting to the movie.
Everyone's seen these gorgeous polishes before and my head is racing from one thing to another so I'll cut the chit chat today and just let everyone see the polish!

Dress Me Up

Foie Gras


Harvest Moon

Fast Track


Stone Cold

Luxe and Lush

Smoke and Ashes

I really love this collection, not just because it is a Hunger Games theme but because the colours are so earthy.