Saturday, December 15, 2012

Orly: Naughty or Nice

A quick post this morning. I'll be back later in te afternoon for a longer post. Hopefully my shopping expedition goes well!

Another set of polishes I ordered in November for the upcoming holiday season were three of  the Orly Naughty or Nice collection.

I ordered them as a set and they came with lace gloves... that may or may not be used for a Halloween  A costume is the only thing I can see them being used for. Maybe the juniors at school would like them for their dress up.

Anyway on to polish!

Miss-conduct received a lot of hype in polish land. A holo tends to do that though! Miss-conduct is pretty enough and I will most definitely be wearing it a bit... but it didn't steal my heart.

Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes on the other hand did steal my heart. What can I say I have a thing for blues. I was unimpressed by Angel Eyes in the bottle... but at three coats on the nail I'm in love love love. Look at those pretty iridescent glitters mixed in with the blue.

Halo is another I didn't feel much for when I saw it in the bottle. But on the nail Halo surprised me. I actually really like the subtle bling. If bling can ever be subtle! Once again this was three coats. In the sun it looks as though you could see a lot of my natural nail... but in all honesty that's just my camera. The bling of the glitter hid my nail quite happily.


  1. Darnit, you made me need Angel Eyes :p Gorgeous swatches as always!

    1. I first wore it layered...much prettier by itself. And you totally need it :P