Saturday, December 8, 2012

Glitzology: Mrs Grinch

Normally by this point in December I'd have had my Christmas tree up for at least a week. There would be presents wrapped under the tree and I would be waiting on the last of the Christmas shopping to arrive via the post.

This December is rather different. My tree went up on Thursday night. I've bought no presents. I even declared Christmas cancelled at one point. I've also cancelled my birthday on Monday, so Christmas is in good company.

Report writing had really gotten me down and I'm starting to feel like the biggest Grinch.

Good thing I ordered this gorgeous polish to match my mood!

As soon as Mrs Grinch arrived I declared this was going to be my mani all of December. Not only is it stunning, it's also Christmasy and if anyone asked I could tell them it's Grinch inspired and Christmas is cancelled.

Glitzology Mrs Grinch, 2 coats alone.
I know you can see my nails....shock and horror.. but I actually love this polish alone. Sure I could have added an extra coat but it just looked so pretty at two coats.

Glitzology Mrs Grinch, 1 coat over CG Gaga for Green
I then layered Mrs Grinch over CG Gaga for green. In all honesty this is probably how I'll wear it from now on. So's like an animated film version of Christmas colours.

I actually do love Christmas, and I can't wait till I have finished my report writing and can just enjoy the build up to Christmas.

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