Sunday, December 9, 2012

Glitzology: Starry Night

Another Gliztology polish to share today.

Yes I'm procrastinating doing my reports. I have comments to write for the kids that are not at the National Standard.... I hate writing those comments. Who wants to tell a 7 year old they are failing? I mean, never mind that they were reading at 6.5 years and now they're reading at 8 years... it's still under the standard. National Standards suck. So I'm trying to think of the right wording etc...

Anyway Glitzology Starry Night.

This polish is so gorgeous. It's so sparkly, and the stars weren't a pain to get out. I've used one coat over Revlon Royal.

Glitzology Starry Night
We're  going out for tea tonight to celebrate my birthday tomorrow.

Argh.... I'm getting old. 27 tomorrow. I have the most awesome polish on for my birthday mani though. Can't wait to show everyone tomorrow.

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  1. 27! Happy b'day! Gosh when I turned 27 I thought I had the world on a string - was long done with my marriage that I never should have done - knew it was a wrong move and told mom 3 days before was going to cancel (only 13 folks were going to be there so not a huge deal). But 27 I was heavy into my career and dating an older man (9 yrs older) age does not seem to count other than I know I am closer to the end of mine than the beginning...but it's only a # and I feel not more than 40 most of the time - that is till I start back to chemo this Jan and then I will feel like I am 100! So have an amazing day! I got lucky with a Halloween b'day for my annual 'another trip around the sun day.'