Saturday, December 22, 2012

KBShimmer: Christmas (The ones I could get my hands on)

Yay! I finished my Christmas present shopping this afternoon, so I just had a small food shop to do and I'm set for Christmas. I'm planning to drop Nick down to the bus at 7.30am and then go to the supermarket. There is no way I want to try venturing out later in the day. 

I ordered a few of the gorgeous KBShimmer Christmas polishes. They are my first KBShimmers and I fell in love. In fact when the Christmas polishes came back in stock... I ordered the rest. So expect to see a KBShimmer Christmas post from me after Christmas!

One I had to try out immediately was Wrappers Delight. It's the traditional Christmas mix and absolutely stunning. I've used one coat in these swatches.

Wrappers Delight over OPI Live and Let Die

Wrappers Delight over OPI Goldeneye
Wrappers Delight is a traditional mix but it's chunkier than over traditional red, green and gold glitters that I own, which makes it stand out.

Candy Cane Crush over CG Something Sweet
Once again this was only one coat of polish. I decided to go for a sickly sweet mani and layer Candy Cane Crush over a pastel pink. I love the colours, I love the added chunky glitters that make it stand out in my collection...but I'm not sure I love the scent of Candy Cane Crush. It smells of sweet vanilla and mint. Unfortunately the scent reminds me of something that makes me feel queasy... I'm not exactly sure what the memory is linked to... but I feel a little ill every time I smell the polish. Good thing my nails aren't next to my nose all day! But it did make painting my nails not so fun.

Berry Christmas
Berry Christmas is my fave of the polishes I bought. It has fantastic pigmentation and the colours are gorgeous. Unfortunately my pics don't do it you'll just have to believe me... Berry Christmas is stunning.

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