Thursday, December 20, 2012

OPI: Bond Magnetics

It's the holidays!

School has finished for the year and it's a beautiful sunny day.
I'm planning to spend the first day of the holidays swatching and heading in to Wellington to hang out with Lani from Lani Loves at a make up sale event. I'm not sure I'll be purchasing anything, but I do still have one lady in my life to shop for.

Back in November I ordered the magnetic Bond polishes. These were selling for $40 in New Zealand so when I found them online for $8.50(USD) I snapped them up.

Morning, Moneypenny

Is that Silva?

Bond...James Bond
I love the polish colours and formulas. Is That Silva? and Morning, Moneypenny both have gorgeous holo glitter sprinkled throughout. I'm not so keen on the magnet that came with Morning, Moneypenny. the magnets were however easy to use and I was impressed with the diagonal lines (my favourite kind of magnetic pattern) and the other pattern....fishnet? criss cross? squiggles...? What ever you want to call it, it's a nice pattern I didn't already own.


  1. I want Moneypenny but I hate, hate the magnet with it! Since I saw the promos long ago for these I hesitated to put in an order when my friend was going to do her next OPI order for her business. I did not think I wanted or would wear the gray or gold but I liked those 2 magnets. Thus I have none of these (yet). I do like the holo glitters in them.

    1. That's one of the great things about magnetics.... You can use any magnet on them. I love the china glaze magnets so I'd be more tempted to use them.