Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a fab Christmas. Here's my Christmas in pictures...

First up swatches!
these were my Christmas day nails.

Girly Bits You're a Mean One over Sinful Colors Olympia
And this is what I wore on my little toesies.
Pretty & Polished Happy Holo-days Duo
And here's the combined affect... my actual nails of the day, not swatches! I love that I got a little black heart on my pinkie.

And now my 3 Christmas's.

First off at our house in the morning...

My reluctant husband and I
My favourite sundress and my tree and me!
I love the blue glow of the lights
Then Christmas brunch with nicks family. my family all came as well, which was really awesome. I hate having to pick and choose who to spend Christmas with. So spending Christmas with everyone was awesome. Except for the heat. it was so darn hot. I don't do well in the heat.

Nick's parents tree. A real one!
Nom noms
 Then in the afternoon we went back to my parents for Christmas dinner. The boys built their Lego (yes they are adults...I let nick buy as much Lego as he wants and he doesn't comment on my nail polish collection...or my shoes) and I finally started to feel comfortable thanks to the air con. Did I mention I don't do well in the heat?

Mum and dad's tree
Building Lego

Nom noms! That lamb was delicious. 
 We finally got home and I put away all my goodies and went to bed. Nick and David stayed up til what ever time black Black Ops... But I was content in my sleep.

And of course all my goodies. I was seriously spoilt.

Clothes, body lotion, clips, snow fairy and serving bowls from mum and dad. Yes I love wearing bright colours and have cardigan and hair clip obsessions. And I had so many serving platters but no bowls for when I have guests. I like all my serving ware to be white a good work mum!

iPad mini... my new baby... my birthday and Christmas present from Nick.

Lime Crime polishes from Smokey. She's such a clever kitty! I love my Lime Crime rainbow.

iPad mini case and voucher from my darling brother.

Drink fountain (seriously this is freakin' awesome. I can't wait to have drinks at our place and use it for some alcoholic concoction), 2 OPI shatters and a chocolate and mug gift set from my Secret Santa.

Don't worry I spoilt everyone as well :)


  1. Pretty nails, love your outfit, and Merry Christmas!

  2. Ahhhh my husband is just like yours! he got lego for xmas too! they never grow up