Friday, December 21, 2012

Ninja Polish: Christmas

Day two of the holidays!

I went shopping again today... this time with mum. I now only have two children left to shop for. I've done everyone else. The shops were starting to get a little crazy. I spent almost 4 hours shopping with mum. She was addament that I was going to find something I wanted for Christmas and we had a few other people to buy for.

The best part of our day was finding some awesome clothes for mum. She finds buying clothes difficult... so to leave with 2 cardigans, 2 shorts and 2 shirts perfect for her holiday to Dubai, Spain and England next year... well it was a highlight for both of us :)

Anyway today I thought I'd share the two Ninja Polish Christmas polishes I picked up. I wanted more than two... but I practiced restraint.

Candy Can Floam, 3 coats.

Melted Snowman, 1 coat over CG Peachy Keen
I still have no idea what my Christmas mani will be... but I'm trying to get through as many Christmas themed polishes as I can before Christmas!


  1. You have done way better than I have with getting into Christmas polishes I have - It was so blasted hot through first of Dec still, I could not get into wearing any of my holiday stuff. I also got kind of self contentious about looking like the ugly Christmas sweater too with anything holiday on my nails other than a red that could pass for any season. So this yr many of even my fav holiday shades and all the newbies went to sleep and are staying there. I think next yr I need to swear off all holiday polishes because I have sooooo many now and no way can I get through them - even if I had a blog and forced myself to change out every day just to have stuff to show.

    1. Oh and Melted Snowman certainly is one you can wear anytime of's the old cash in on the Lyndereall Stixs and Stones thing. The other one here I don't like at all. It would go into a donate pile right off for me - but these days I don't come home with mistakes - I take my polishes to the counter and use their scotch tape or my own paper I bring to do spot tests...that said, when I was doing a lot of on line ordering, I ended up with a ton of not great indies - right now I am sworn off all indie glitters - I cannot deal with any more glitters..I have more than I will ever's going to have to be something that is beyond amazing to get me to buy another one for a looooong time. I so hope we move off to seeing more indies making things other than glitters - like take a lesson from the big cos and say Cult Nails - mix it up folks. That said I know glitters sell and they also are cheap and something etsy/indie folks can make where as they maybe cannot make a cream or other kind of finish.

    2. i'm all about the Christmas nails. Although the fact it's Summer here makes me want to wear all my brights and holo's.

      I know what you mean about candy cane Floam. I actually liked it layered, so i'm saving it for layering :) by it's self it kind of makes me think of bloody bandages.