Monday, December 17, 2012

Color Club: Winter Affair

I have a cat that has decided that sitting between me and the keyboard is the perfect resting place.
It is rather difficult to type when Smokey keeps attacking my hand!

Anyway I'll struggle on.

I have been loving rich jewel coloured foils and metallics this year, but I was missing a green... So I was super excited to see Color Clubs holiday offering. I finally settled on three I couldn't live without.


Glitter Wonderland

Gift of Sparkle
I'm currently wearing Gift of Sparkle on my toes. I'd share...but toes are icky (no really I really don't like feet...). I've layered Gift of Sparkle over CG LOL and it is amazing. I'll have to swatch on my fingers for everyone to see....if you have the two polishes try it out. you'll be in love.
So that's 2 coats of CG LOL followed by 1 coat of Color club Gift of Sparkle. be prepared to fall in love and never want to change your nails again...well maybe for a day or two!


  1. I do actually have both. I'm scared to try it lol

  2. I have the purple one - the green looked a lot like Zoya Ivanka and maybe the green from Zoya last holiday 2011. So much as I wanted it, I left it at Sally's. This was all pre the news that next yr 'the it' shade was going to be Emerald. I had thought I would only wear this HoHo Holy at Xmas and St. Patty's day and well I have a ton of greens limited to only those times. Now I think we will be seeing a ton of bright greens through spring and summer next yr. and feeling fine about wearing our St Patty day/Xmas greens. I sure plan to get mine lined up so I use them. It's always a big old deal which green is going to be my St. Patty's day polish since I get like 1 pedi and 2 manis out of that celebration only and no one but me sees my toes as it's too cold then to have them out in sandals.

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