Friday, December 23, 2011

New Hair...

Well here's a picture of my new hair. It's not that i dislike it, I've just been getting used to it. I didn't look like me to me for a day or so.

But hey...if I feel comfortable posting a pic of it barely brushed and more or less how I rolled out of bed this morning, then I must be happy with it!

Lol my hair is a mess. I was a little lazy this morning and didn't have time to do my hair, because I decided staying in bed was more important.

I had to get up early to take Nick to the bus, but I actually had to get up properly as I have a doctors appointment. then I'm helping mum finish the Christmas food shop.

Hopefully later today I'll have time to post my Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe pictures and I'm hoping to get the first 3 of my Hits no Olimpio polishes up today or tomorrow.


  1. I like this compared to before-Looks very nice-healthier!

  2. Haha, yeah...When you don't get your hair cut for 6 months it doesn't tend to look so must remember to get my hair cut every holidays!

  3. It really suits you! Looks sleek but fun & super shiny, Thisck hair is waaaaay better thinned out for summer. Otherwise the humidity = frizz!!!

  4. Really beautiful! :) and i love the haircut! I think its great!! :)