Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Party Hearty Christmas!

Wow! day 6 of the school holidays and already I feel so much more relaxed...
I can even handle shopping at the mall, when its crazy and hardly any car parks. I drive up to the 3rd floor... I just get uber scared if I have to stop on the ramp. During term time I can't even cope with the mall on a Saturday morning. I just get a little cranky when there's too many people.  I've even been swearing at random cars that don't follow the road code less.

But the point is I've been calm and happy and did I mention calm? I've managed to clean my house and keep it clean, seriously that is a major achievement if you know how messy my darling is.

I'm even starting to look forward to my new class next year. I really do love teaching...despite the stress and headaches this year has given me.

Anyway on to pictures...

My mani today is Revlon Stonewashed with a generous splash of CG Party Hearty.
I've already had two people tell me how much they like it. I went to the post office and the supermarket and got stopped at both places by people wanting to know about my nails.

Revlon Stonewashed and China Glaze Party Hearty
Now I'm off to get a hair cut. I am super nervous...I may have a slight irrational fear of hairdressers. It's not as bad as my irrational fear of chalk...but anyway...

My hairdresser moved an hour and a half away just after my wedding...So I haven't had a cut since then. I'm trying out a new person working at the salon...but omg I'm nervous. It doesn't help I don't know exactly what I want... Lets hope she can read minds like my old hairdresser could.

In all seriousness I do have a few pictures of what I like. In all honesty I really just want a change. Last cut I had we left my hair quite long, with a long fringe, because of the wedding. I know hair grows back so as long as it's about shoulder length and doesn't look heinous I'm happy. I'm sure the hairdresser knows what she's doing and wont make my hair look awful! I even left it naturally wavy so she could see the texture...*fingers crossed*

Here's the before...

Long, wavy, scraggly hair that is in desperate need of a cut!
Wish me luck!


  1. Wowee, this is beautiful! It's so delicate and pretty.

    And I hope your haircut goes well. Also, you have really pretty eyes. Sooo bluee.

  2. Ohh thanks.

    The haircut went well. It's shorter and lighter...I'll sleep on it and see how I feel lol. I'm sure I'll love it tomorrow. I just keep remembering myself with long hair when I look in the it looks odd!

  3. cant wait to see some pictures of the new haircut! :) your are so beautiful! cute manicure. hugs*

  4. I have never heard of a fear of chalk-that's weird!! And just so you know-hair DOES grow back like nails-so if you don't like it, it'll grow back-I have shaved my head several times and it grew back each time!!

  5. Thanks Lydz that's very sweet of you to say.

    Haha yup fear of chalk. I don't literally freak out, but I really can't stand chalk. I wont walk on it if people have drawn it on the ground...and I wont eat meringues. It's the texture/feel?

    And yeah the awesome thing about hair is it does grow back. I do like my new cut, just getting used to it. I will post a picture...soon as I'm used to it!