Saturday, December 3, 2011

Butter London

Argh! Someone take my credit card off me... It had an accident with the Disney Store and I placed a second order of ornaments. My first order is currently hanging out in Botany, Australia. Does anyone else get a kick out of tracking packages... yeah I'm an odd one some days.

Today is my work Christmas function. They have this big thing about mystery trips and surprises. So I have no idea what we are doing or where we are going. I was promised there wouldn't be much walking. I had to check because of my knee. Not knowing what we are doing or where we are doing makes choosing an outfit hard. The dress code is 'smart casual'.

I'm trying to choose between these two dresses...

Warehouse Silk Blossom Print Ruffle Dress from asos

Day Dream Dress from Max

Obviously the Day Dream dress is more casual... and probably more appropriate. I can wear my flat sandals with it... but that silk dress from Warehouse is just so darn pretty. I have a pair of dainty sandals that are almost flat I could wear...

Decisions. Argh.

Anyway here are some gorgeous Butter London polishes. I bought Victoriana and West End Wonderland for nzsale and found No More Waity Katie at Farmers. I have serious issues spelling Katie after waity. I want to write kait...

I'd been hunting Victoriana for ages. Ever since I decided to by All Hail McQueen instead of Victoriana... To be honest it's pretty but I was kinda disappointed. It just didn't stand out.

West End Wonderland
Pretty gold glitter. Very Christmasy and very pretty. I used three coats.

No More Waity Katie
This is three coats alone. I think No More Waity Katie really needs to be layered. It's  pretty polish but doesn't quite work by itself. I think I'll try it with Zoya Caitlin.

Well there are some pretty polishes for today. It's now 8am so I need to get up and get pretty. The work function starts at 10am... yes bizarre time for a Christmas function. They just love to confuse us!


  1. I like the top dress, too. It's very pretty and I think it would look casual with flat sandals.

    The gold Butter London is just gorgeous! Perfect for this time of year!