Saturday, December 24, 2011

To Google or Not to Google? And Some Del Sol Colour Changing Goodness!

Well I had a doctors appointment yesterday.

After 3 days of random short, sharp head pains happening every 5 to 30minutes I thought it was best to visit the pharmacy and ask if I should take anything for it. The pharmacist said I should probably see the doctor.

So I started recording the pains and made a doctors appointment. I had 108 pains on Thursday, all just short sharp pains above my left eye. I only had 6 pains on  Friday though... So it seems to be stopping? After a neurological examination (that was weird...testing all my reflexes) the doctor seems to think I have Trigeminal Neuralgia.

So what do you do when the doctor tells you, you might have something with a long scary sounding name? Do you Google it and get freaked out...or just freak out?

I'm not actually freaked out, I mean the pains haven't stopped me. It's just been a short sharp unpredictable pain. Last a couple of seconds and then it's gone. I'm just reluctant to take the drugs the doctor prescribed me. I mean it seems to be stopping... Yeah I'm not a fan of drugs.

Anyway here's a pic of a pretty polish.

Del Sol Ruby Slipper in the shade

Del Sol Ruby Slipper in the sun
Colour change polishes are so fun and this one by Del Sol is my favourite. I'm not really a fan of Trick or Treat their Halloween polish, but I love Ruby Slipper. I used 4 coats, thin ones. The shimmery silver glitter is so pretty in the shade, then its all like wham, pow, red, in the sun. Very fun.

Oh and for anyone wondering what Trigeminal Neuralgia is, it is a condition where a nerve in your face has issues and decide to cause pains. It has three branches, jaw, check and eye. One or more can play up and cause sharp pains. The doctor only thinks I have it as I'm not showing any other symptoms that would be related to cluster headaches. I'm on some low dosage anti convulsant drugs for a few weeks until I have another appointment to reevaluate. Either way the pain seems to be stopping. I've had a few dull aches today but no strong ones.

I just hate long scary words and the urge to google them!


  1. Great polish!!
    i love it!
    I hope they'll find a good way to heal you soon!

  2. I love this polish! Great for summer :)
    I googled it for you! lol Doesn't sound to scary, sounds annoying and painful though - hope the drugs are working for you! My brother has something similar and he takes one small little pill a day and it keeps his head pain at bay.

  3. It's such a pretty polish...perfect for the New Zealand Summer Christmas!

    Yeah it doesn't sound too bad. It's just the comments I found from people that have it... but their comments sound nothing like the medical description I was given or what I've been having.

    Good news is I haven't had any today! Just a few dull pains. So drugs working already?