Monday, April 9, 2012

Zoya: Phoebe

Happy Easter Monday...I hope everyone has had a fabulous holiday weekend, whether you celebrate Easter or not. My weekend didn't go quite as planned, but it's been incredibly awesome anyway.

We spent Friday chilling with family. Somehow we managed to see three lots of family and I even got some pictures of my gorgeous one year old nephew showing his excellent taste and playing with some glitter polish bottles. Saturday we went to a BBQ and Sunday we passed just spending time together. It's been glorious weather, so hopefully today will be amazing as well. We have grand plans of budgeting and cleaning today...

I don't really have any Easter appropriate swatches to show everyone, but since the weather has been so magnificent I thought I'd rock a bright summery polish. Zoya Phoebe.

Zoya Phoebe
Phoebe is a gorgeous bright blue matte with a fine shimmer. She looks amazing matte, but when you add a top coat the shimmer really hits you.

Phoebe with top coat
I made the mistake of asking my class of 7 and 8 year olds why we have Easter. They told me it was so we didn't have to go to school, it's when the Easter Bunny comes, it's when Jesus was born, it's when baby animals are born, because we like chocolate and so we can spend time with family. Then they asked me why we have Easter. Being in a Christian country but a public school I told them Christmas is when we remember Jesus was born and Easter is when we remember Jesus died. Then one of my kids put up his hand and asked...

So does Jesus lay eggs?

My class are pretty awesome.

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  1. Gorgeous color! I have Phoebe too and love adding a top coat to it.

    Cute response from your class!