Sunday, April 22, 2012

OPI: Serena Williams

We're home!
Actually we got home on Friday just before 5pm. Wow it was a long drive home. Over the 5 days we were away I drove over 1000 km. Yes I drove the whole time... Nick doesn't drive.

Anyway I'm back tracking a little into last years collections. I found a folder with some never before posted swatches. So today I have some of the OPI Serena Williams polishes.

White Shatter

Spark de Triumphe 

Red Shatter

Ralley Pretty Pink

Servin Up Sparkle


Your Royal Shiness
Hmm...that's odd, I don't seem to have my swatches of the US Open collection. Either way I really enjoyed the Glam Slam collection it was fun and quirky and I enjoyed that the polishes were released periodically through out the year to coincide with the tournaments.

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  1. Wow, what a long drive!!! :O It must be exhausting to drive that much! Gorgeous swatches! :D