Friday, April 27, 2012

We Will Remember Them...

As I am an absolutely shocking blogger, I'm posting this a couple of days late.

Wednesday the 25th of April was Anzac day. The day New Zealanders and Australians remember those who firstly were part of the Gallipoli landing in 1915 and secondly the other soldiers who have fought for us.

Both my Grandads were in WWII.
One was a Desert Rat, a Bombardaire in the Royal Artillery.
The other lied about his age to join the New Zealand Navy and ended up celebrating his 21st birthday in Japan near the end of the war.

Neither liked to talk about the war. My Grandad on my mums side went as far as getting rid of  his medals.

As a little personal sign of remembrance I painted my nails in Nerdlaquer Warrior Ethos.

Warrior Ethos
Warrior Ethos was the perfect polish to wear for Anzac Day. The name was fitting and the colours matched perfectly. The red jelly and the black glitters perfectly matching the image of the red poppy.

Hopefully over the weekend i'll get back into a regular posting schedule. I have a lot of reports to write... So I'm sure I'll procrastinate by blogging!


  1. Beautiful nails. Here in Canada we have a Remembrance Day for those who fought in the war in November, where the poppy represents it as well.

  2. gorgeous nail polish! it fits perfectly with the poppy image:]