Monday, April 23, 2012

Color Club: Untamed Luxury

It's Autumn here in the southern hemisphere... It's been so sunny lately that you'd never know it was leading up to winter. In all honesty I'm just glad it's sunny for the first day back at school after the holidays.

Since it's supposed to be Autumn here is an Autumn collection from Color Club. The Untamed Luxury collection. I managed to pick up the complete collection pretty cheaply before Christmas... Ok so i did the swatches before Christmas as well... I'm a little back logged? At least I have a stash of pictures for rainy days.
And since winter is coming...hahaha... That's a shot right there to anyone playing the Game of Thrones drinking game... Anyway winter is on its way and I doubt i'll get many good swatching days, so it's good to have a stash.

Positively Posh
Nothing but Truffle
Pretty in Platinum
Wild Orchid
One coat of Ready to Royal
Ready to Royal
Soft as Cashmere
Jewel of a Girl
Untamed Luxury
Resort to Red
Covered in Diamonds
Ms Hautie
Red Velvet
Over all a really nice collection. I'm not so keen on some of the glittery shades... Untamed Luxury is pretty but not as pretty as the recent release Holiday Splendor. Ms Hautie is just odd, De-Luxe-Cious is another odd one...Grey glitter... And I don't like Covered in Diamonds. In saying that I love Red Velvet. It's replaced Lubu Heels as my go to black with red glitter polish.

The res of the collection produces my favourite grey ever Wild orchid and my least favourite...Pretty in Platinum. The dark vampy shades are positively decadent though and even i was enticed to wear ready to Royal. I hardly ever wear vampy.

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