Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BYS Spam

Booo! It's Wednesday and the first day of the holidays I've spent alone. I was really lucky Nick ended up with 5 days off over Easter and we had an awesome time, but today he's back at work. At lease he's off next week with me. Yay!

In other life news I'm finally losing the weight I put on after the wedding. I've been working at it seriously for 6 weeks now and I'm down from 166lb to 152lb. I was 150lb before the wedding...but at least my shorts are fitting me again. That was my main motivation.

I've been watching what I eat and trying to exercise regularly. Some days are a lot easier than others...but I'm getting there. Now if only I could get back to 19 year old me and be 135lb again. It's achievable!

Today I thought I'd show some of the BYS polishes I own and haven't shared. All four polishes are colour changing polishes. They change depending on the temperature. Some were easier to capture the colour change than doesn't help I swatched them on a hot day!

Glitter Blue



Bright Purple
I've found the purple shades of the BYS colour changing polishes to have the most dramatic differences.
The only one I'm not so keen on out of these four is Glitter Blue. It's just a little bland...? Blue is a stunning turquoise and Salmon is a very flattering coral. Bright Purple has a smidge of shimmer to make it stand out but Glitter Blue...just doesn't do it for me...I mean it's pretty...but yeah.

Oh well.

I'm off for a walk to the post office. I love holidays and being able to take the time to walk everywhere.

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