Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zoya: Pixie Dusts

I've had a pretty dry spell of new polishes arriving...so it was amazingly awesome when the M Beauty Lounger order our polish group ordered arrived. I was lucky enought purchase 5 of the Zoya Pixie Dusts.

I love fairies. if you spot me online in a game my name is Pixzee... and I love the textured polishes. So of course I needed Pixie Dusts in my life.

I ordered Nyx, Vespa and Godiva previously but was a little underwhelmed by them...so I knew I had to have the new bright colours!

This time round I purchased Stevie, Dahlia, Miranda, Beatrix and Solange.
I passed on Liberty (but I totally want it) and Destiny, as I already own OPI Jinx.

 I'm not that fond of wearing black...but I had to apply Dahlia as soon as I received my polishes.
2 coats and perfection.

 I wasn't so sure about Stevie. I thought this would be my regret, but I really love the colour. Stevie may not have the same sparkle, but she's a darn pretty colour. 3 coats.

 Solange is so glitzy. Such a pretty bright yellow with sparkle. Solange reminds me of the colour you imagine gold to be as a child. 3 coats.

 Beatrix is freshly squeezed oranges, perfect for summer. there's something about wearing bright orange polish that always makes me smile. 3 coats.

Miranda is a colour I love. I love this shade of pink. It also makes me dork out a little and think of Firefly. So of course I love it! 3 coats.
I'm in love with these Pixie Dusts.

I definitely rate the four I purchased from the summer collection as more me than the ones released in Spring. Although in saying that Dahlia was released in Spring and Dahlia is winner in my books too!

In gaming news....I can totally spend my holidays, when I'm not writing reports, playing games now...my darling hubby built me a computer! Exciting!

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  1. OMG!!! These nail colors are all so pretty. I super love the first and second color. I wanna try them out this weekend for i will be attending a party. Love it!