Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dollish Polish, Unicorns, Rainbows and My Anniversary

Well I was supposed to post this yesterday... But after all the earthquake excitement I forgot.

The biggest drama in New Zealand at the moment was the 6.5 earthquake that hit us on Sunday evening. Luckily it was off the coast, so the impact wasn't as great as it could have been, but as anyone who has experienced a  decent shake will's really scary!

We had a couple of 5 point somethings on Friday and Sunday morning...then bam, 6.5. We're still getting quakes every 15min or so, but the majority have been undetectable. And I slept through the decent one last night. 

Talking to other people, we were very lucky with the quake. The only things that fell at our place were 3 lego cars... on wheels off the very top shelf.

Anyway on to my original post....

Yesterday was my 2nd Wedding Anniversary!!!

So here are my awesome nails from the day...

Dollish Polish A Unicorn Farted in My Polish over China Glaze Fancy Pants
 Fancy Pants was the perfect base for A Unicorn Farted in My Polish. Every time I looked at my nails I imagined a magical rainbow in the sky. Such a fun combination. The shimmer in fancy Pants really added to the mani as well. I rested A Unicorn Farted in My Polish upside down for a bit before applying it, and I didn't need to fish the larger shapes out.

And some pics of our big day.
We had an amazing wedding in Rarotonga with our closest friends and family.

Kiss the bride ;)
Yes, I'd much rather be in Rarotonga right now...
My favourite picture from the day (well favourite that includes Nick....there's a really awesome one of just me...but the whole point of the day was to marry him. So I guess he was important too)
I wish I was in Rarotonga now... it'd be way more fun to be snorkeling and sunbathing than writing reports and getting ready for parent teacher interviews.


  1. Congratulations! you are very beautiful! and what an amazing nail polish, love it over that base.

  2. Congrats on the anniversary!!

    Where did you get the Dollish polish from?

  3. Thanks!

    The polish is from Dollish polish. She makes awesome handmade polishes. And the shipping to NZ from the states isn't too bad.