Monday, February 25, 2013

Looking for Cars...

Well it's now been three weeks since my unfortunate accident. And I have a car!!!

Wow! It feels so good to be able to drive again. As much as I love walking, you lose so much independence when you don't have a car.

First world problems I know...
But I couldn't get to the shops to pick up new dry shampoo, so I had to wash my hair everyday. It didn't help I was wearing a hat whilst walking. I'd rater sweaty hair than a sun-burnt nose though!
I could only go to the local supermarket, which is expensive, and I could only buy what I could carry home... which meant going with out tomatoes and making frequent trips.
I couldn't bring my school work home with me. I had to stay late at school... then I had to walk... so i was getting home super late.

I was starting to feel a bit down, with the looking for a car every free moment... and taking so much more time to get anywhere... So I needed cheer me up nails.

These are the nails I decided on!

Sally Hansen Navy Baby topped with KBShimmer Clown Puke
Look at the flower I got on my ring finger! In all honesty I hadn't actually noticed that Clown Puke had fun shapes in it as well. I just thought it was an awesome rainbow glitter... but no it's more than's a circus for your nails!

It was thoroughly awesome when I test drove a dark blue VW Golf... and my nails matched!
I really did fall in love with the Golf... well the seats and interior anyway! I wasn't thrilled about the way the car drove. But the seats... wow.

My new car is pretty awesome though. A white 2004 Toyota Corolla Runx. I like it anyway :)


  1. YAY for new car!!!! Glad you finally found one :)

    That mani is super cheery and I love the flower glitter. It looks so fun!

  2. Love your nails! The glitter looks so fun. :) And glad you're able to drive again!