Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rimmel: Some Spam

I was so disappointed when I went into Postie Plus in Upper Hutt yesterday.
Normally you can find all sorts of nail treasures. Rimmel, Sally Hansen, Kleancolor, Revlon, LA Colors....
But no, yesterday they had neon orange Kleancolors... and that was pretty much it.

Farmers Upper Hutt had the new OPI Euro collection... But I wanted cheap polish! I didn't want to pay $26.90 a bottle!

These gorgeous Rimmel polishes are all polishes I've found at Postie Plus (on good days).



Night Before

Stop Traffic
I really like the Rimmel 60 seconds polishes. The brushes are easy to use and good size. They may not dry in 60 seconds... and may not be one coaters... but I still really like them! I mean look at the pretty shimmer!


  1. I feel like Camouflage is definitely unique! Before I got big into nail polish a Rimmel color was my favorite! It was called Pulsating. I was so mad when I finally had to toss it earlier this year because it had just gotten too thick.

  2. Night before has such a lovely gold shimmer through it - love it!

  3. Mmm love the contrasting shimmer in Night Before.