Sunday, March 3, 2013

Paris Sparkles: Gorgeous Glitters

I have a problem. I'm sure it's a serious condition...
It's 'I need all of the glitters'.

If you love glittery sparkly nails as much as I do...but Don't want to look like a 5 year old attacked you with the glitter glue... You need to check out Paris Sparkles on etsy.

I've bought from Paris Sparkles twice now...and each time I've been thoroughly impressed with the glitter polishes I've purchased.

Recently Paris Sparkles had a 50% could I resist?

Raspberry Delight- 3 coats
 Raspberry Delight was my surprise favourite of the bunch. It's just such a beautiful pink and very wearable. I think one of my favourite things about Paris Sparkles glitters is how easily they remove, compared to other glitter polishes, and Raspberry Delight was no exception. Drool!

Peridot- 3 coats
Peridot is a stunning bright green. Yes I'm thinking how fab Peridot would look for St Patricks Day. Look at all that gorgeous sparkle! Seriously these glitters are amazing.

Golden Touch- 3 coats
 If you only buy one Paris Sparkles polish Golden Touch. Golden Touch is the sparkliest, blingiest gold glitter polish I have ever seen. It may look sheer on the nail, but the crazy glitter covers the nail fully. I love the pics I managed to get of Golden Touch, they show the holo sparkle perfectly.

Chataigne- 3 coats
 Chataigne was my least favourite of the ones I purchased... Not because it's not a gorgeous polish, but because Raspberry Delight and Golden Touch stole my heart first. Chataigne has a brown jelly base and a generous amount of glitter for crazy sparkles.

Midnight in Paris- 2 coats
Midnight in Paris had the best coverage of the polishes I purchased. The base is a deep blue jelly. A very pretty take on dark blue nails.

Wintermint- 3 coats
Wintermint is best suited as a top coat, but I of course wanted to try it out alone. Wintermint is a very delicate looking glitter and despite the name I can see this as the perfect Spring topper.

I really do love these glitter polishes, they are easy to apply, crazy sparkly and insanely pretty.
Pars Sparkles has a wide range of glitter polishes available, so even f you're not keen on the ones I'll still most likely find one you love.

Paris Sparkles has sales frequently. Whether they are 30% off or buy 2 get one free or every sale gets a free a bottle, so make sure you're following Paris Sparkles on Facebook to get the sales!

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