Sunday, February 17, 2013

China Glaze: Bitz n Pieces

Argh. I can't believe that it's Sunday already!

It's been another crazy busy week. Any time I wasn't at school was spent looking at cars or marking tests. In fact I've been so busy that over the last 2 weeks I've only painted my nails 3 times. That's a drastic difference compared to my usual every night.

I left my camera at school on Friday. We were lucky enough to have the circus visit with a group of contortionists. Honestly it was amazing to watch the 15min show they put on for the kids. So I took some pictures...then forgot about my camera until I went to use it on Saturday...

I have some great manis to share as well!

My looking at cars nails... and my Valentines day nails.

Today though I have swatches of the awesome Bitz n Pieces polishes from China Glaze. I admit when I first saw the promo's I was like...umm meh. They just looked like glitters. But they're in fact awesome glitter toppers. I'm not sure I need them in every colour... But they sure are a fun way to spice up a mani.

Scattered and Tattered over a nude...
Bling it On over Essie Nice is Nice
Grafitti Glitter over Color Club Twiggie
Mosaic Madness over a very pretty blue... I wish I could remember what I used. It looks super pretty!
Glitz N Poeces over LA Colors Seafoam
Razzle me, Dazzle me over SH First Kiss
Eeeek. Without my camera I can't remember some of the polishes I used for undies! I'll have to track it down on Monday. What is happening to me? I normally keep an insane amount of polish knowledge stored in my head... I hope looking at cars hasn't overwritten it!
I shouldn't know car makes and models...

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