Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Week

I've been feeling super sorry for myself this week.

It was my first week back at work after the summer holidays. Surprisingly that's not what made me mopey!
In fact my class have been absolutely amazing. They're following instructions, listening to each other, sharing, being super polite, trying to do their best work... They're so fantastic they won the best class award for sitting in assembly.

Two different views of my classroom
Yes I'm a very proud teacher.

Anyway, I'm super mopey because on Monday night we had torrential rain, which caused a lot of surface flooding. Unfortunately I had to go out to pick Nick up from work. As I was diving down SH2, I was doing about 80k, in the 100k zone (the weather was terrible and you couldn't safely drive faster), I noticed everyone changing lanes. So I carefully changed lanes. The road was completely flooded. Everyone was slowing to go through. I let the person in front of me go through and started to go through myself. I could see there was a car coming behind me, I kind of assumed they'd stop... But they didn't. They crashed straight into the back of my poor car. So we were shunted forward. Luckily the car in front had gone far enough that I didn't hit them.

Turns out the driver of the other car was from overseas, in a rental car and in the country for about a week. At least they did stop and pull over to the side of the road behind me when we'd passed the flooding.

Anyway I made my first emergency call, did my first police report, sat in a police car for the first time... oh and had my first accident.

The other driver was at fault and the policeman gave them a ticket for not driving to the conditions. They said they were doing 95k before their brakes failed (due to the flooding and not pumping them to clear the water) and they crashed into us.
It doesn't look too bad... but the boot can't close
Luckily for me mum was in the car with me, otherwise I totally would have been freaking, and we weren't hurt. Just some whiplash and a sprained finger.

I feel sorry for the people the crashed into me. It was their first day in New Zealand and unless they took out insurance with the rental car company...they will have a nasty bill, paying for my car and any damage they did to the rental (I didn't really look... I was more concerned with my car).

When you look inside you can see where the car absorbed the impact.  It's supposed to be straight... not smooshed. 
I feel sorrier for me though. It's not very fair. I did everything right...and now my car has been written off and I have to buy a new one. Of course I can't buy a new car with the insurance payout. As my car was a 1995 Nissan Lucino the value had depreciated rather a bit over the last few years. Luckily my insurance are going to assess the market value for me... but it's a rather drawn out process and I still wouldn't be able to afford even the same car again. I saw a 1994 Lucino for 5k... but I won't even get that. argh! not fair.

The panel-beater said it's between 3-4k worth of damage.
I'm very thankful that no one was hurt... but I want my car!!!

Even though we're still waiting on insurance , we've been spending every spare moment looking at cars. I'm not very keen to test drive them. I'm still feeling rather nervous about driving.

Anyway on to other cuter and more exciting things...

Aristotle learned a new trick
Aristotle is adjusting to being at home alone during the day. He's very needy when I get home though! He's worked out how to jump on to the kitchen bench, via the oven. He needed to get on to the bench for hugs, because I was doing the dishes, instead of playing with him.

I wore the same nail polish for 5 days this week. I applied it Sunday night... and it lasted though til Friday night, when I just needed to change it.

The magical polish that last all week was OPI The Impossible. I'm loving the liquid sands...if not for their funky texture and pretty glitter, but for their incredible staying power on me.

Swatch: OPI The Impossible

swatch: OPI The Impossible with top coat
 I didn't take any photos before I added top coat on the third  day to my actual mani, so I've used swatch pictures to show how gorgeous this polish looks with and with out top coat. I didn't fish out stars... in fact I put the stars that came out back.

Actual wear after 5 days! I added top coat on day three for a slightly different look.
So I guess in all my week hasn't been that bad!

Good things this week:
1. Nail polish lasted 5 days and looked awesome.
2. My class are amazingly fantastic.
3. Aristotle is a cutie
4. I continued to loose weight, despite my period.

Bad things:
1. My car got written off.
2. Cramps.

So more good than bad!

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