Friday, September 21, 2012

Where to buy: Gracie Lou

Just a quick post while I'm at school...
I know shocking it's the middle of a school day and I'm blogging! I have a release day for testing... but I can't test any of the children from now until 2pm, because they are swimming. Argh!
So rather than stare at my computer collating data, I thought I'd write a quick post.

One of the things that I hate about being a polish addict in NZ is the fact the polish is so  darn expensive. $26 for OPI? $25 for Orly?

I tend top buy all my polishes from overseas websites and ebay sellers. Even with shipping costs and having to wait forever, it seems like a better deal that paying $26!!!

Luckily I found Gracie Lou.
(Thanks Lani!)

Gracie Lou is the place to go for polish and beauty products that are hard to find in NZ. The polishes are reasonably priced and at the moment everything is 10% off. I never thought I'd see Ozotics selling for $15.50 in NZ.

On Wednesday morning I ordered a couple of polishes from Gracie Lou. Shipping was very reasonable at $4.50. On Wednesday afternoon they were in my mail box! Whilst I don't expect the polish fairies to make my parcels arrive this fast every time, it was definitely a nice surprise.

All wrapped up with a cute little bow
I played pass the parcel with my polishes, there was so much bubble wrap to ensure their safety.
China Glaze Con-fused and Orly Sashay My Way. Look at that glittery goodness! 
I was very restrained and only purchased two polishes...Ok as soon as these arrived I went back and ordered 3 more... Hopefully the sun will be out again tomorrow and I'll be able to sit on the deck swatching my gorgeous new polishes and sipping cocktails... That sounds like the perfect Saturday!

So if you're looking for polish at a reasonable price (especially Ozotics and Picture Polish) go and check out Gracie Lou. And in exciting news she posted on Facebook this morning that Gracie Lou would be stocking Zoya and aEngland soon! AWESOME!

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  1. You know you're a polish addict when you audibly gasp at the exciting news about Zoya & aEngland! Heehee. Thanks for the shout out :)