Monday, September 17, 2012

Indie: Darling Diva Polish

Last week my order of Darling Diva Polishes arrived. I was ohhing and ahing over the pretty glitters, dreaming of the layering combinations I could create...

Then I remembered I never posted the swatches I have of my pre-existing Darling Diva Polishes.

So here they are!

Cherry Jubilee
Cherry Jubilee is a polish I was worried would be thick and gluggy.  But it applied easily and looks perfect for Christmas! Yes I'm thinking about Christmas already!

Twilight Sparkle 
Twilight Sparkle is a very pretty purple polish with blue, purple and white glitter strew through it. This was three coats and it applied easily... But didn't suit me at all!

Destiny is my kind of colour! And it's also a very easy to work with polish. I wish I had more glitter on my nails, but I could have rolled the bottle for longer to acheive that. you can see all the pretty glitter down the bottom. I love the mix of gold glitter with the blue.

And in case anyone is wonder what was in the awesome parcel I received last week...

Just Keep Swimming, Mitochondrial Eve, Release the Kraken v2, The opera House and The 13th Colony. Keep an eye out for swatches in the next few weeks!

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