Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Check it Out: Nail Polish Anon

If you don't know who Michaela is and you've never heard of Nail Polish Anon...
Really in all honesty you should climb out from underneath the rock you've obviously been hiding under. Go and check out her blog now!

Michaela has gogeous photos and loves to show off stunning indie polishes.... when she can get swatches ( the sun in NZ is rather fickle right now). She's a fantastic source for swatches of Dollish Polish especially.

Whats even more awesome is she currently has two giveaways running...

One for NZ readers

Nail Polish Anon NZ Giveaway

And a 350 GFC follower giveaway that is open to international readers and NZ.

Nail Polish Anon 350 Follower Giveaway

I hope you've enjoyed some kiwi love...

But really go check her blog out!

Congrats Michaela!


  1. haha I love this... climb out from underneath the rock.... SO TRUE! NPA is awesome. As is your blog of course! I love me some kiwi blogs :)

  2. Kiwi blogs rock... totally need a 'club'

  3. You know what we should do? Start our own facebook group thing and then we can organise nail art challenges and maybe do the birthday group thing all the americans have!

    1. I am so for it! Although lets not have too many stamping challenges... I don't have much patience!

    2. Ooh can I join too? My blog isn't very flash though :( it needs some love and attention