Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Spring: All That Glitters Princess Polish!!!

Well it's now September... That means it's Spring!

I got a super awesome parcel on Saturday and can't wait to show everyone what was in it...
So you get two posts tonight!

As you can probably guess from the title of my post I received the bottles of polish I ordered from All That Glitters princess polishes.

I was very restrained and only ordered three polishes...but when she opens back up next week I am so buying the remaining four.

Book Smart Beauty (Belle), Fins for Feet (Ariel), Not a Prize to be Won (Jasmine)
As soon as I saw these I knew I needed Belle's polish. if I was a Disney Princess I'd be belle with blue eyes... Unfortunately mum and Nick vetoed playing Tale As Old As Time as a wedding song... Something about implying Nick was the Beast...?

As for Ariel and Jasmine... I had to have them for the colours... and they totally fall in as my next favourite princesses. (Oddly enough Snow White is my fave princess to dress up as though)

2 coats Not a Prize to be Won, 2 coats Fins for feet and 3 coats Book Smart Beauty.
As you can see these polishes can be worn alone... But I plan to use them as layering polishes.

How I could I resist making one of these gorgeous polishes my full mani. I settled on Fins for feet to match my clothes for tomorrow (Yeah I was tidying up so I got my clothes sussed already).

I used 1 coat of aEngland Gallahad (perfect base colour) and 1 coat of Fins for Feet... Yes that's right 1 coat! I am in love with this combination!

ATG Fins for Feet over aEngland Gallahad 

And lastely here's a little shot of Spring from our house. I love blossom :)


  1. Wow, where are you from? It's 2nd of September and here in Italy is autumn and I hate that summer is over :) Btw, those polises look great on your nails!

    1. Thats the beauty of the southern's Spring now :)
      (I'm in New Zealand)