Thursday, September 27, 2012

China Glaze: Con-fused

Argh. Why does the weather keep changing?

I've been wearing sandals and summery dresses (with cardigans) all week. Then about 4pm yesterday in comes the rain again. It looks pretty grey so far this back to winter boots for me.

I just want sunshine! I can't wait to bring out the shorts.

I guess i'm in a super summery mood because the term finishes tomorrow. That means holidays! Which mean a lot of work for me....but it also means that there is one more term left of school this year... The summer term! I can't wait for all the awesome outdoorsy stuff we have planned for next term.

Anyway less of me rambling and on to some polish.

I mentioned last week that I placed an order with Gracie Lou and it arrived the very same day. One of the polishes I ordered was China Glaze Con-fused. I wasn't really as drawn to this second collection of Magnetix as I was the first. There were only two polishes I really wanted. Con-fused was one that I felt I needed. I'm feeling like green is a colour that is not as well represented in my collection.

Con-fused is a nice enough green. For some odd reason I had issues with the magnet when i was swatching, so this is actually 3 coats. Normally I'd do two coats. I just couldn't seem to get the magnetic right though. It may have been lack of recent practice, it's been awhile since I've worn a magnetic. I just couldn't get the magnet centered. That's definitely user error not polish or magnet error though!

It's good to see some bright magnetics. The first collection was rather dull. Colour Club has some nice brights as well, but not a nice bright green like Con-fused.

If you'd like to pick up any of the second collection of Magnetix you'll find them at Gracie Lou.

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