Thursday, August 2, 2012

China Glaze: Rodeo Diva

TA DA!!!

I'm alive.
I've been in a funk the last few weeks since the parent/teacher interviews, but I'm slowly regenerating.
I've been hanging out with my kindle and blankets lately in the evenings, so my blog hasn't felt much love.
Winter makes me want to hibernate.

I'm also rather out of money and have been avoiding looking too closely at the new collections of polish coming out. I wants!!!

Anyway I have plenty of polish to post on here, so lets get started.

Today's selection is the Rodeo Diva collection from China Glaze. It's an older collection, but you can find the polishes online still (I can't comment on in store, as we don't have CG in stores in NZ).

Lasso My Heart

Prize Winning Mare

Red Stallion

Yee haw

Golden Spurs

Wagon Trail

Cow Girl Up

Side Saddle

Gussied Up Green

Midnight Ride

Branding Iron

Rodeo Fanatic


  1. Gorgeous colours, what a great collection, lucky you! x

  2. There is not a dog in this group. It was a collection I did not get because at the time, we had no Sally's for hundred's of miles and I was not into mail ordering polish then - plus was not watching blogs on polish then either - amazing how much MORE polish I started to 'need' when I started to read blogs! I went crazy and I already had a huge collection - now I need to big time purge - maybe we need to get together when I do the big purge! I know there's a ton you don't get in NZ. I have about 3-4 of this collection and now seeing 'em all again, I want more of them! They are not sold in the classic ChG collection - so they are only available on line from those who bought up end stock.

    1. When I 'got into' nail polish this was one of the first collections I tracked down online. It took me three orders to get Cow Girl Up... the first broke, the second was out of stock... finally I got my precious bottle and it's never leaving!