Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pahlish: SPAM!!!

So... I'm still alive...

I don't have the best reasons for not blogging lately... I've just been very busy with school and life... and had a disagreement with my camera, which has led to me not wanting to use it. Which is odd since I never normally leave the house without it. The lens is making funny noises and i'm scared to break it if i use it too much... yeah I'm certifiable.

One of my absolute favourite indie polishes is Pahlish.

I can't help it, I love everything about Pahlish polishes. The ones I have used all seem to have fab formulaes and the glitter/colour combinations are stunning.

A couple of months ago I went a little Pahlish crazy... before I got banned from buying polish.

Be prepared to drool...these polishes are amazing.

Your Silver Lining

Candy and ronnie

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Fire in the Taco bell

Train Under Water

Pianos Filled With Flames

Sitting in a Tin can

Sitting in a Tin Can over a grey creme

Dark Parades over Essie No More Film

Sullen Girl over Essie No More Film

Sullen Girl over a grey creme

Wow now that was major spammage. Enjoy!

I''ll be sorting my pics tomorrow so I can start posting regularly again....
I do have some amazing Girly Bits polishes to post though. so keep an eye out for them!

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