Friday, August 31, 2012

OPI: Your Royal Shine-ness

Just a quick post this morning.

Everyone needs a pretty flashy silver polish in their collection. I actually got rid of a couple of silvers from my collection. the one I decided to keep was OPI Your Royal Shine-ness.

OPI Your Royal Shine-ness
It's pretty, it's sparkly, it's silver. That pretty much sums it up.
It also has a princess related name... that may be why I decided to keep this one!

Mum and Dad are moving house today. So I'll be helping them tonight and tomorrow, and hopefully playing some Guild Wars 2. Being sick when it came out was not cool, I couldn't play :(
My poor little elementalist is only level 9.

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  1. I also like this one for a silver polish as's one that does not look like a cheap holiday ornament when I get it on. Also never any brush strokes showing up and it's got stuff in it but dries smooth with no grit. I soooo need to go through my stash and purge to donation as well as get rid of 99% of the dupes I bought over past 3-4 yrs - no idea why I thought I needed to get so many extra bottles. I only go through 1 full bottle rarely..and my tried and true favs are maybe 5 of em of which only 2 have I gone for a 3rd or 4th bottle of.