Sunday, June 24, 2012

Indie: Aqua Daisy

Argh. End of Term-itis is catching up with me. So much work to do, so little time to do anything in. I'll be spending my two weeks of holiday getting ready for parent teacher conferences and writing a billion reports. At least I'll be able to sleep in!

And now on to sparkly polishes!

Aqua daisy is a fabulous seller on etsy. Her holo polishes have received a lot of love and for good reason...they are stunning! I tend to steer towards sparkly glitters and I bought these gorgeous polishes.

Watermelon Splash
Watermelon Splash is my new favourite jelly red black glitter polish. I was thinking 'if only i had a red jelly with black and green glitter in it' for ANZAC day... and now I have the perfect polish! Much more interesting than Nerd Lacquer Warrior Ethos. And check out the pretty holo sparkles.... and it's a pinky toned red. Nom nom!

Beauty School Dropout
Beauty School Dropout is another pink black and white polish. It has a pretty pearly sheen and holo sparkles. Unfortunately my sun was turned off and i didn't get the sparkles in :(.

Purple Heart
Drool! Seriously look at the richness of the jelly of Purple Heart... the glitter perfectly caught in the layers...I'm in love.

You're a Firework
You're a Firework is insanely pigmented. The top picture is only one coat. The next two pictures show two coats. You're a Firework has holo hexes and a few bars as well as red hexes. Rather patriotic!