Sunday, June 10, 2012

Paris Sparkles

Paris Sparkles has a fabulous range of polishes available on etsy. I haven't seen too much love for Paris Sparkles in nail polish land but these polishes deserve some love.

I was a little dubious to order from Paris Sparkles because I hadn't seen many swatches and the polishes always seemed to be in stock. Always being in stock is awesome, but very different to the usual indie polish madness. I'm so glad I purchased these polishes because Paris Sparkles is awesome. The quality of the 7 polishes I purchased was fab and the colours were pretty darn awesome. The only down side to Paris Sparkles is the range of polishes's so hard to choose which to buy next! I want more Paris Sparkles glitters.

Celery Stalker
 If you look closely you can see the smattering of holo goodness that Celery Stalker has. Amazingly this is a pastel green that looks good on me and a sprinkling of glitter never hurts!


Mardi Gras
 I haven't managed to capture it but the shimmer in Mardi Gras is awesome.

Burst of Blue
 Whoah! this is one vibrant polish. There are larger hex glitters in the mix as well, but I didn't managed to grab one for my swatch.

Copper Sunset
 I need more Paris Sparkles glitters. Seriously Copper Sunset is amazing.

Election Day

Pink Speckled
Pink Speckled is the same idea as Celery Stalker just in pink, unfortunately my sun disappeared so you can't see the sprinkling of holo.

I have more of a voice today, but it's still coming and going. I plan to stay snuggled up and warm today. I have a few books I'd like to read and some Teen Mom episodes to catch up on.


  1. i love all the creme based ones! they will be my next order for sure

  2. I am liking all the cream based ones too!

  3. They were fantastic to use. I can't get over how much I love Celery Stalker...I don't normally love light pastel greens.