Thursday, February 2, 2012


I've been thinking and I've decided it's time to get my nail polish habit under control. I'm currently attempting to find my top 150 polishes...

The concept if trying to maintain a 150 polish maximum is strangely exciting... Though I wonder if it's doable. Self control has never been one of my strong points and my collection is currently nearer 600. But realistically, do I need 600 polishes?

One polish that would be a strong contender for my top 150 is Essence Colour and Go Irreplaceable.

Such a stunning, and incredibly flattering, neutral with gorgeous gold fleck shimmer. Seriously you need to enlarge this photo. It's amazing.

Could you cull your nail polish stash to 150 polishes?


  1. heck no! Best of luck to you though!!! I ran past 600 at xmas and I'm moving house soon so I decided it was time to cull! Ummm... ended up only selling 54 and donating about 10 to my mum. Most of my 'chuck' pile ended up somehow making its way back into the 'keep' draws - I think they must have missed mummy!!! I'll be there to buy some of your cast offs though!!! LOVE Irreplaceable, very pretty on you. mmmm gold shimmah

  2. Wow 150 is hard, especially when you have 600! That's a significant downsize! I don't think I can do 150 and I only have around 300. x) And Irreplaceable really is gorgeous! I love it. :)

  3. I love this color too!
    So beautiful!!

  4. 150?! Now that is a good question. It could be done with a lot of though. How are you doing it?

    I agree with you on that colors. It's really gorgeous! It looks great on you.

  5. It really suits you, you should keep this one! I have a trouble staying below 250, I keep buying more and have a hard time discarding any polish, I love them all

  6. Oooh it's lovely! I love neutrals that are a bit lighter than my skin tone, instead of matching it completely. Love the shimmer in this one.

  7. This is so beautiful! :) It is really exciting paring things down; every now and again I do that with most of my possessions, and it feels really refreshing. It is like it lets you spend your focused energy on what you really like, instead of what you just sort-of like. Good luck, and I am looking forward to seeing what else you choose! :)

  8. I originally thought 100 might be doable... then I remembered all my 'collectors' polishes... Maybe 200 might be a more achievable goal to start with. I do however love Irreplaceable and think it could replace Zoya Jules for me.

  9. This color is gorgeous & looks lovely on you!

    I think I'm a weird polish blogger. I've been blogging for almost 3 years but my stash is right around 150. I keep my stash free of dupes & try to be very selective about what I add to the collection.
    I come from a family of borderline hoarders & I went the opposite direction. I'm always going through and getting rid of things all over the house including my polish!